Ben Hufford

Licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker, Commercial Real Estate

503.819.8153  |  license#201228100  |  orea#201220345

Ben can tell you the difference between an A occupancy and a B Occupancy, or even two B Occupancies. He can explain the threshold for a building to require sprinklers, two exits or a seismic upgrade. He can guide you in understanding when you need a building permit, or when just trade permits will do.

In addition to broker representation, Ben is the principal architect at Design Department Architecture, where he has completed over 80 restaurant and bar projects in Portland. Ben recognizes and values that each client’s goals are unique. He can advise on feasibility of hospitality, retail, restaurant and bar locations. Together with his partner, Erin Jacke, the broker team provides expert knowledge in hospitality, retail, restaurant and bar locations in the Portland area. 

Ben’s superpower is x-ray vision. Within moments of entering a commercial space, Ben has evaluated the space’s key components and can advise his clients to move forward or move on.

Ben is not a terribly good swimmer, and has a hard time lifting very heavy things. Ben really likes animals because ‘you can trust them and they don’t show off all the time.’