Curating Your Move Forward - Wildwood Realty Brokers

Deciding it’s time to move, time to buy, time to quit, time to start, time to mobilize, or time to do what it takes to embark on your next adventure - every permutation of the decision to move on includes a lot of time and energy, a large dose of imagination, and, let’s be honest, it requires courage.

When you finally arrive at your decision, I am certain you hope the people you hire to assist you with the technicality of moving forward respect and embrace the effort you have put into your decision.

We specialize in our clients. This means each and every client is provided a ‘moving-forward’ experience that is crafted specifically to meet their individual needs.
If you are not searching for a move forward that involves you having to explain and re-explain your criteria to ‘Team Member’ after ‘Team Member,’ or to ‘Specialist’ after ‘Specialist,’ we get that.
Wildwood Brokers are individuals who run their own practices, who appreciate being treated as individuals with different needs of their own. We do not have ‘Teams’ at Wildwood. We have several partnerships that involve two brokers working in tandem to support their clients. Those partnerships involve both brokers working with their clients full-time. You will never be handed off to a ‘Team Member’ to tell your story to all over again. And then handed off to another only to have to re-tell it yet again.

We are living in a wonderful time during which the curated experience is back!
We want the restaurants we visit to serve food that is delicious and healthy. We want our clothing to fit well, look wonderful, and to feel good when we wear it. We want the company we keep to be those who lift us up and help us get where we want to go, and to be worthy of our support in return. We are traveling more to spend quality time with those we care about.

Perhaps the shift to quality of is because our time has become so much more divided, and therefore more expensive - if we are to spend our energy, time, money on something, we want it to be worth it.
Perhaps it is because we feel inundated by opportunities that do not feel as though they offer anything of high-value - quantity is not quality.

An emphasis on the quality of our lives and the experiences that fill them are coming back to the fore. At Wildwood Realty we have made it our mission to spend the time our clients need, getting to know them, hearing their stories, helping them figure out their next steps, because their stories become our goals.

There is a difference between walking into an open house, saying, “You’ll do. Can you show me some homes?” and interviewing real estate brokers to find the one that is a wonderful fit for you and your family, who is interested in what you have to say, and who wants more than anything to lift you up.
That is the difference between a broker who is doing a job, and someone who is providing you with a delightful experience. We believe Wildwood Realty can provide you with the latter.

Amy Munsey