Wildwood in Our Northwest Veins

‘Wildwood’ is a beloved Forest Park Trail that runs almost the entire length of the park, it was the name of a nationally recognized Portland restaurant known for its innovative recipes and delicious dishes, it is a Northwest Portland Art Festival, it is the name of a fantastical trilogy of books written by two members of the Portland band, The Decemberists, Carson Ellis and Colin Meloy, and it is the name of a Bay Area neighborhood that was built by women, for women, who wished to escape ‘The City’ and gather together in their own intellectual community to discuss politics, theology, and the Enlightenment. Some of those women travelled to Portland and were integral members of the groups who founded Portland, Oregon. We are deeply connected to the word, ‘Wildwood.’

The creation of a company requires significant planning. Choosing the name is just part of the process. It is important, but it is not as important as the content and quality of service level the company provides. Wildwood Realty is a small, boutique brokerage operated by brokers who share a commitment to the provision of a high level of service to our clients. We are not a company of Brokers who care about how much market share we monopolize, we do not measure our success with the number of transactions we close each year, and we do not compare our performance with one another to award prizes to the Broker who closed the highest volume or cashed the most commission checks. Instead, our success is measured with the delight of our clients. This is a business model that works well for Wildwood Brokers and for its clientele.

Choosing a Broker to help you with your sale and purchase is a task of a personal nature. You will want to make sure your Broker listens to what you say when you talk about what is important to you. You will want to know their strategy to deal with negotiating repair addenda, possession, and other related issues. And you will want to know the Broker you choose has your interests at heart, ahead of their own. Negotiations are not an opportunity to engage in a test of will: they are an opportunity to get the home you want, in the condition you prefer, under the circumstances with which you are comfortable. Navigating negotiations artfully and successfully may mean getting the home you really love, or missing out on it completely.

Please feel free to call us. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

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