Kathy Grant

Reviewing/Principal Broker


503.621.7230  |  orea#201220345  |  License#: 200602072

Kathy Grant is like every other Wildwood Realty member: she has worked at many Real Estate brokerages over the years, is a spectacular action photographer (think Motocross!), and has backgrounds in lending and graphic design. She loves living in the country and is a wealth of information about septic systems and all the idiosyncrasies of living rural. 

All of this makes her one of the best Transaction Coordinators-Assistants in the biz. Wildwood Brokers could not do what they do without Kathy’s magic and her occasional extra dollop of persistence, ensuring everyone’s paperwork is in and reviewed on time. Kathy’s role is that of an Assistant-Transaction Coordinator-Eagle Eye for us here at Wildwood and we appreciate her every last email.