Rose-Marie Een

Licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker


971.226.2338  |  License#201214708  |  orea#201220345

Rose-Marie delights in assisting her clients as they sell their current homes, and move on to their next adventures! Before Real Estate, Rose-Marie worked in the Retail Industry and she understands the cycle of a sale. She is also skillful at creating delicious food. There are appetizers in her repertoire that make our hearts sing.

Rose-Marie is Wildwood’s most fashionable Farmer-Charcuterie-Aficionado! She can address all your questions about Selling and Buying, about City and Rural properties, and she can even tell you about her own experience raising pigs and chickens on her active farm. Her dedication to providing a high level of service, easy smile and wonderful sense of humor, and her attention to detail are what her clients appreciate most about Rose-Marie. Those qualities are what we appreciate about her too. We know you’ll love working with her!